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Mock Menu.pdf Mock Menu.pdf
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Above is menu that I made for Annenberg Dining Hall. It was not made to be put in use, but so that I could gain an understanding of the processes it takes to plan a menu. It turned out that this was more educational than I initially thought. Harvard follows their own Public Health Healthy Eating Pyramid (published in the book "Eat, Drink and be Healthy" by Dr. Walter C. Willett, chairman of the Department of Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Heath) which is a lot different then the previous USDA Food Pyramid. One major difference is they have white meat and red meat separate from each other. The red meat listed at the top of the pyramid along with butter, white rice, white bread, white pasta, potatoes, soda and sweets. This affects how HUHDS plans their meals. Annenberg in particular always has one vegetarian protein and two white meat options. They occasionally have red meat options about 2-3 times a week.  Since HUHDS is privately run, they are able to do follow the Healthy Eating Pyramid.

While conducting my own research, I noticed that on June 02, 2011 the USDA came out with a new food icon called MyPlate. The book authored by Dr. Walter C. Willett is now outdated due to this recent change. This book was probably a key tool used in dismantling the USDA food pyramid. He stated that  “Clearly, MyPlate will be better than MyPyramid, but the most important issues are in the details that are not captured by the icon. What type of grain? What sources of proteins? What fats are used to prepare the vegetables and the grains?”

Along with all of that, I also realized that when a person creates a menu for a dining hall they have to keep many things in mind. Repetition is one detail that is very important. The students should not feel as if they are eating the same thing over and over again. A good example would be the pasta they serve.They serve different styles of pasta. Whether it be penne, rotini, fettuccini or linguini, it makes the students feel as if they are not eating the same thing every day. Small little things such as this can keep the students satisfied.  
Intern Kiosk Sign.pdf Intern Kiosk Sign.pdf
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On July 25th, I learned about what the marketing office does for HUHDS. Most of the time they design a lot of advertisements for special events. Annenberg Dining Hall has new items featured on their fall menu that they wish to advertise. The dining hall has incorporated various grains into their fall menu. We were to look up interesting facts about the grains and design an advertisement that were to go on a kiosk. Whether or not this was used, I do not know. But it was a fun experience to working with designing software and learning what goes behind an advertisement.
2011 Catering Cost Analysis.pdf 2011 Catering Cost Analysis.pdf
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Above is a price comparison project that my fellow intern and I were given from Crimson Catering. Every year they have the interns do this project for them to make sure that they are keeping up with their competitors. I found in interesting to learn about what a business can gain from doing a price comparison. They do this project to keep up to date on the prices, compare levels of service, and watch for hot products or trends.

Salad Job description.pdf Salad Job description.pdf
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Above is a job description project that my fellow intern and I  did for Annenberg Dining Hall. The purpose of this project was to standardize the policies and procedures in the salad position. The Salad position was covered by several people, each of whom have their own ways and procedures of preparing cold food for the salad lines. It can be a challenge to pick up where someone left off. We shadowed this position for a few days and after the process, complied a list of procedures and duties followed by person who most often did the job. We created a report which included "best practices and procures" which will eventually be used to create a "procedures manual" for the position.

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