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Harvard University of Hospitality and Dining Services (HUHDS)

Rudolf Gautschi - Director for Residential Dining

Messiah College Internship Center
Michael Blount - Internship Supervisor
Summer 2011
Above is one of my supervisers and I.

Job Description:

I rotated to different food service facilities to learn the differences and similarities between residential dining, retail dining and catering.

Learning Objective:

To learn the skills needed to manage different dining service facilities – from catering to residential and retail dining.


1.      Work at different locations for “hands-on” experience

2.      Interview managers to learn the difference between retail, residential and catering

3.      Attend different planning meetings

4.    Attain certification in allergy awareness

5.    Plan a menu for residential dining.


1.      Present a poster or PowerPoint on key concepts to supervisor

2.      Keep and maintain a journal of new skills and understandings

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